Prerequisite for Modern Urban and Spatial Planning

The digitization of urban data platforms, so-called urban or “digital Twins” is a mega trend. Digital twins are digital images of physical objects such as buildings or roads and immaterial process chains such as administrative processes, citizen participation or traffic control based on algorithms and databases.

Digital twins will become in the next few years a formative model of European urban development processes and thus form the heart of Smart City or Smart Regions. atene KOM can support in building a digital twin through data collection & visualization by our measurement technology in combination with our GIS systems. The digital twins can be an asset for public authorities for different applications, for example:

  • Virtual site inspection on 3D web platform
  • Inexpensive basis for building projects
  • Categorization and analysis to assess road conditions
  • Monitoring of street inventory
  • Digital survey data as a basis for planning projects
  • Implementations for Smart City projects