The Broadband Atlas

Portfolio Description

The Project

The Broadband Atlas (BBA) of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) is the central information medium of the Federal Government, presenting broadband availability, funding projects and possible broadband expansion plans in Germany in a grid overview. It was established in 2005 and is regularly updated since then. atene KOM GmbH is responsible for the operation of the BBA.

On the basis of interactive maps and voluntary information provided by some 350 broadband providers, the Broadband Atlas shows which technologies and bandwidths are available for data transmission into the local area (district level, street sections) – for both fixed and mobile networks. With this independent market overview of broadband availability and a provider overview, it helps to identify gaps in coverage and expansion potential.

The broadband atlas classifies availability into wired technologies, including FTTH/FTTB, DSL, CATV (cable) and powerline, as well as radio-based technologies such as LTE, HSDPA, WiMAX, and WLAN/WiFi. For the mobile radio-based technologies LTE and UMTS, an availability overview is also provided with regard to different land use categories. Among other things, the broadband atlas shows the percentage coverage of commercial land, agricultural land, federal and district roads and railway lines.


The aim of the broadband atlas is, on the one hand, to give an overview of the supply of a municipality with different technologies and, on the other hand, to show which providers are active in a region and in adjacent areas. On this background, clusters can be formed in conjunction with the infrastructure data in order to combine several contiguous areas into one development area and thus spread the costs over more households.

atene KOM responsibilities

  • Operation of the broadband atlas
  • data integration
  • Contact for questions about the Broadband Atlas