Supporting the process of the Digital Program 2025 of the State of Brandenburg

Portfolio Description

The Project

In 2018, the Brandenburg State Chancellery launched the Brandenburg state government’s interdepartmental digitization strategy.

Starting in 2021, a process is planned to further develop the digitization strategy and turn it into a “Digital Program 2025”. The focus will be on the evaluation of the digitization strategy, the report on the digital resilience of the state and the digitization strategies of the departments of the state government. In a broad-based participation process, stakeholders, but also the public, are given the opportunity to express their opinions and contribute their own considerations to the development of the program.


The aim of the project is to create and adopt a digital program for the state of Brandenburg. In addition, the digital policy of the state of Brandenburg and its strategic orientation are to be actively promoted, and the population is to be informed about digital policy topics and activities. In addition, a comprehensive public participation process is planned with the help of various consultation and hearing formats.

atene KOM responsibilities

atene KOM GmbH is responsible for supporting the development process for the “Digital Program 2025”. This includes the evaluation and incorporation of relevant sources and documents as well as the exchange and coordination with the responsible departments of the State Chancellery.

Furthermore, atene KOM GmbH is involved in the conception, organization, implementation and follow-up of various event formats as part of the participation and consultation process. In addition, atene KOM GmbH takes over the preparation of the visiting various actors in order to discuss on digital policy topics as part of the format “digital policy summer trip”.