Strategies for the efficient implementation of a nationwide expansion of highspeed broadband in the Free State of Saxony

Portfolio Description

The Project

The full coverage of superfast Internet (50 Mbps and more) is a key objective of the broadband strategy of the federal government as well as the Saxon government. Therefore, the study dealt with the question of how to realize a fully covered broadband expansion in practice and which strategies can be used to achieve this target. The study also considered the challenges of sustainable and long-term provision in rural areas, with a view on economical, labor and employment factors, as well as attractiveness of the living space.


The study highlighted concrete approaches at the structural level to achieve comprehensive coverage with a fast internet connection in the region. It also comprised of various carrier and business models in broadband expansion and operation as a key success factor in broadband expansion projects.

atene KOM responsibilities

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  • Evaluation of results and recommendations for action
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