Portfolio Description

SMEPlus – Improving policy instruments to increase the energy efficiency in industrial SMEs

The Project

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a high potential for increasing their energy efficiency. To explore this untapped potential, SMEPlus project aims to increase energy efficiency in SMEs. The partner regions will compare and rethink their energy policies, liaise with important stakeholders, exchange solutions and improve their instruments towards SMEs. As industrial SMEs represent 95% of the companies, their impact on economies is immense.

The exchange of experience between the partners and the relevant stakeholders is the best way to find solutions that will help industrial SMEs to improve their energy efficiency. Above all, the currently low level of interest of industrial SMEs in participating in energy efficiency programs must be increased – this obstacle is persistent in all regions involved.

In total, the project has a budget of EUR 1.17 million. The atene KOM GmbH is commissioned by the lead partner with the communication management of the project.


Enabling SMEPlus aims at improving regional energy policies by 2020 by exchanging and comparing regional policy instruments in the six regions, increasing the interest of industrial SMEs in participating in energy efficiency programs, launching effective energy efficiency policies & programs for industrial SMEs, as well as integration of energy policies from other sectors.

In order to achieve these goals, the project partners will develop joint regional policy action plans to support the implementation of energy efficiency programs and share information and experiences to help stakeholders implement the regional action plans.

The exchange of experience, workshops and study visits with the stakeholders will help partners to achieve the project´s objectives. The jointly developed regional action plans will also influence the policies for the next Regional Operational Programme period 2021-2027.

atene KOM responsibilities

atene KOM supports the Lead Partner in preparation, evaluation and implementation of a transnational communication plan for the project, advising the project partners on the implementation of their regional communication activities, preparation and implementation of communication workshops for the project partners as well as creation and updating of information materials (roll-up, posters, website, flyers, infographics, videos, etc.). We are also involved in reporting of communication activities, coordination of internal communication in the partnership (partner meetings, web-based cooperation platform, mailings), maintaining the Interreg Europe website for SMEPlus as well as creation and maintenance of social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.).