Portfolio Description

Renovation for Energy efficient Buildings

The Project

If EU energy efficiency targets are to be met, concrete and widespread policy level improvements are needed in European regions. Buildings are among the main sectors identified as being responsible for Europe’s emissions, so policy actions must start there.

To face this challenge, REBUS brings together eight partners from eight countries, who share the same need for improvements in policy to promote energy efficiency in public buildings. The overall objective of the REBUS project is to improve the capacity of public authorities in European regions to undertake efficient renovation works of their public building stock, thus saving energy and public resources.

The huge potential for energy savings in the public building stock is hampered in each phase of the local authority energy renovation process: planning, implementing and monitoring. These problems all stem from a basic need in public authorities: to raise awareness and build skills on energy related issues among civil servants.

REBUS uses interregional exchange among regions with a varied level of development on this issue, together with communication and engagement activities to develop Action Plans resulting in:

  • Improved policy instruments
  • Improved skills at individual, organizational and regional level
  • Involvement and engagement of stakeholder to create a system, in which improved approaches are understood, supported and disseminated.

REBUS assists the public sector and contributes to EU policies on energy efficiency by providing means and instruments to design an Energy Renovation Path for public buildings grouping Good Practices identified, analysed and exchanged by partners. Thanks to the REBUS communication strategy, EU Public authorities, who share the common problem behind implementation of EU legislation on energy efficiency, benefit from the project approach to improve their energy policy content and management.


  • Collect feedback and stream line data on energy efficiency needs in the public buildings
  • REBUS supports local authorities in designing an energy renovation path (ERP) for planning, implementing and monitoring renovation works in public buildings
  • Use feedback to select buildings for renovation
  • To improve skills on the above topics at individual (staff from spatial planning / legal departments; policy makers), organizational (local/regional public authorities) and regional (stakeholders e.g. energy agencies, construction sector) level
  • Raise awareness on potential savings/ efficient use of resources
  • Draft tenders for renovation works that include energy efficiency baselines, targets and monitoring measures
  • To ensure dissemination of project results among relevant EU networks thanks to Policy learning Platform and REBUS communication tools

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Financial management of the German project partner