Measurement of mobile radio coverage in the district of Cham

Portfolio Description

The Project

The mobile phone coverage in the district of Cham does not meet today’s requirements for a modern mobile phone network in many areas away from the larger towns. This is also due to the geographical conditions of the region, as the district is characterised by a topography and landscape that is comparatively difficult for mobile radio. Large differences in altitude and large forested areas make comprehensive mobile phone coverage comparatively complex and cost-intensive. Dense tree cover also has a strong attenuating effect on radio propagation. In order to be able to derive recommendations for action to improve mobile radio coverage, it was essential to obtain an accurate picture of mobile radio coverage.


The district of Cham has commissioned atene KOM with an area-wide mobile radio survey. In this way, coverage bottlenecks as well as white and grey spots were to be identified and recommendations for action derived.

atene KOM responsibilities

In the district of Cham, the quality of mobile phone coverage was surveyed in the summer of 2022 as part of measurement drives. A total of 3,729 kilometers of roads were driven and almost nine million data records were collected. During the test drives, the mobile phone coverage of the mobile network operators Vodafone, Telekom and Telefónica was recorded at intervals of only a few meters. On the basis of the measurement data, various evaluations were carried out, which provide an accurate picture of the coverage situation, such as the percentage of LTE coverage and the identification of so-called white spots in the mobile network. To determine the quality of the network, mobile radio scanners were used for active measurement.