LowTemp 2.0

Portfolio Description

Training on Low Temperature District Heating in the Baltic Sea Region

The Project

In “LowTEMP 2.0”, 11 partners and 42 associated organisations from local, regional and national authorities, district heating suppliers, energy agencies, research institutions and associations in nine countries in the Baltic Sea region continued their work on the results of the main LowTEMP project (duration: 2017–2020) to develop them further with a focus on training and capacity building. The training package, which was developed during LowTEMP, was adapted to the national and local characteristics of the nine participating countries and translated into the partner languages. These adaptations take into account the legal framework, the stakeholder landscape and the respective country-specific funding frameworks. Additionally, different district heating topics based on the training package are now available as an e-learning programme which is accessible on the LowTEMP project website for all interested parties. The training material was used in a series of seminars which were organized in the participating countries during the project lifetime and beyond.


The aim of the LowTEMP 2.0 project was to strengthen and expand capacity building on low-temperature district heating networks in the Baltic Sea Region. With the knowledge transfer in the field of sustainable and efficient energy supply systems, the project aimed to contribute to the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the Baltic Sea region.

atene KOM responsibilities

atene KOM developed, coordinated and submitted the funding application. As a full project partner, atene KOM was responsible for the development of the e-learning courses.