Industry 4.0 in Hesse

Portfolio Description

Industry 4.0 in Hesse – Initial study and recommendations for action on behalf of Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH

The Project

With regard to Industry 4.0, stakeholders (above all companies) face a series of internal and external challenges, ranging from environmental factors such as the technical availability of data, the cloud or direct services, the connection of customers and suppliers, the development of the entire market in which the company is located, but also the motivation and qualification of the employees. With this study, a survey was conducted to identify the status quo of smart economy implementation. Based on this, necessary measures as well as the orientation of future activities of the state were investigated and put in context to other influencing factors. Thus, the study laid the foundation for a successful implementation of Industry 4.0 in Hesse.


The purpose of this study was to create the foundations for a Hessian strategy paper with a time perspective up to 2017 and beyond. It should be shown how the Hessian state government can promote the issue of industry 4.0 in Hesse, especially for SME. The conversion of familiar processes and ways of thinking to “Industry 4.0” is intended to ensure efficiency and efficiency improvement.

To achieve this, the project was divided into five coherent work packages, which are reflected in various sections of the study. In the course of qualitative interviews with important Hessian players as well as in an online survey, the main aspects for the use and further implementation of Industry 4.0 were supposed to be identified. The results of this survey have mainly flowed into the preparation of the recommendations for action.

The stocktaking and analysis of already existing subsidy programs at European, national and federal state level, which might apply to industry 4.0, was also important. Together with a compilation and initial analysis of the relevant activities and stakeholders in this field, it was possible to draw up an overall picture of the Industry 4.0 landscape and the starting points for the further development.

In addition to the analyses and descriptions of the aspects and actors relevant for Industry 4.0, the fields of action and recommendations derived from them form the core of this study. Thus, the study serves as the basis for further planning, as a stimulus for cooperation and strategy development and the further comprehensive pursuit of Industry 4.0 in Hessen.

atene KOM responsibilities

  • Conducting interviews
  • Creation of graphics and diagrams
  • Preparing the study