Futures By Design

Portfolio Description

Preparation of a guideline for the use of the Policy Learning Platform of Interreg Europe Futures By Design

The Project

The analysis of large amounts of data using new technologies increasingly determines the success of companies. Therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially in economically less prosperous rural areas, face major challenges. Their ability to access data and data analysis to drive innovative processes is often limited. The Futures By Design project prepares SMEs from various sectors for the economic, technical and digital challenges ahead by transferring information and knowledge. In six project regions – Cambridgeshire (UK), Antwerp (Belgium), Groningen (Netherlands), Halland (Sweden), Friesland (Netherlands) as well as the district of Osterholz and surrounding districts in the northwest of Germany – SMEs are supported in identifying new solutions and implementing sustainable processes in their companies. The exchange of knowledge, ideas and regional experiences helps companies to use data and transfer information. To this end, Horizon-Scanning and Knowledge Transfer Hubs will be established in the participating regions, providing a focal point for SMEs and networking to share knowledge and strengthen the North Sea region as a whole.


  • Increasing the innovative capacity and productivity of SMEs in economically weak rural regions
  • Improving SMEs’ access to new technologies and data analysis
  • Strengthening information and knowledge transfer in the North Sea region

atene KOM responsibilities

  • Communication Management for the project (together with Swedish Alexandersoninstitutet)
  • Identifying specific needs of SMEs in north-western Germany
  • Installation of „Horizon-Scanning and Knowledge Transfer“-Hubs