Portfolio Description

Digital Agenda for the North Sea: Orientation towards New Innovation

The Project

The DANS ON project aimed to disseminate the DANS model, which stimulates innovation in the North Sea region, with demonstrating its application and implementation in practice. The DANS model is a Quadruple Helix model that is especially suitable to innovation processes where citizens’ needs are central.

The partnership communicated the story of the DANS model through a range of media channels and showed how regions in the North Sea region can adapt the model to increase society’s capacity for innovation. DANS ON consisted of partners from Sweden, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


The aim of the DANS ON project was to disseminate how the DANS model stimulates innovation in the North Sea region by demonstrating how the DANS model has been applied and implemented in practice. Through three work packages the DANS ON project communicated why the DANS model should be used in practice in innovation processes and how the DANS model could be applied.

atene KOM responsibilities

atene KOM GmbH was project partner and work package leader of work package 3 “Transferability”. The aim was to develop concepts on how the DANS model can be transferred to other regions. Therefore, different transfer processes were examined and a target group analysis executed.