Broadband Strategy Schleswig-Holstein

Portfolio Description

The Project

Since the publication of the broadband strategy “Broadband 2030” in 2013, the regional government has already pursued the goal of meeting the broadly defined meaning of broadband in all prospects of public life. The evaluation study emphasized on examining whether the objectives and measures of the strategy have been sensibly chosen and effectively implemented and identified the potential areas for improvements.


The study aimed at evaluating the implementation of the broadband strategy of Schleswig-Holstein and focused on the effectiveness of the measures and their potential improvements.

atene KOM responsibilities

Preparation of the study, including:

  • Qualitative survey in the form of telephone expert interviews
  • Quantitative survey by use of web-based survey platform
  • Analysis of the strategies
  • Assessment of objectives and actions
  • cost calculations
  • Overview of the broadband strategies of the state